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Autostar Company

Ever since Autostar was established back in 2002, the company has been continuously serving customers by providing various products such as Vehicle parts, tyres, lubricants, after-sales services, and after-market products, in addition to other automotive accessories. We always aim to provide competitive prices, timely delivery, and a wide selection of brands.

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Autostar Products

  • Batteries Batteries
  • Spare Parts Spare Parts
  • Tyres Tyres
Product Vehicle

To avoid any inconvenience that might occur, which would compromise your driving safety and might lead to severe accidents, or cause damage to some parts of your car, always ensure you buy high quality batteries.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) genuine parts are indispensable if you want to ensure that your vehicle is in good running order at all times. Counterfeit parts are available everywhere and often cheaper, but it will put your own safety at risk, and will definitely damage your vehicle in the long run.
Always ensure you get the best quality spare-parts for your car as Total Cost of Ownership should be of paramount importance to you.


Tyres are considered by automotive experts as the most active safety equipment of the car; as they provide the traction required for stability and comfort on the road. High quality tyres ensure better safety on the road for drivers and passengers.
Always ensure you purchase the best quality tyres for your vehicle.

Autostar Events

Autostar attaches great importance to corporate events in an effort to keep our staff and clients informed and engaged.

  • Technicians Meeting
    Technicians Meeting

    The technical staff meetings are conducted on a monthly basis at the Engineering Division HR building. Our Technical support team invites 10 mechanics from different customer sites, workshops and organizations.

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  • Battery Clinics Event
    Battery Clinics Event

    Autostar battery team conducts Battery clinics every week in different locations around Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman. These clinics are conducted for 2 hours during peak times in the morning. Sometimes, as per customer request, we provide clinics at site on customer location.

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  • Bridgestone Seminar 2016
    Bridgestone Seminar 2016

    The Bridgestone seminar was conducted in 2016 at DAL Group Excellence Center. More than 100 customers attended this event, including DAL Fleet team, a number of organisations, government departments, NGOs and United Nations bodies.

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  • Bridgestone Seminar 2017
    Bridgestone Seminar 2017

    The Bridgestone seminar was conducted in 2017 at DAL Group Excellence Center. More than 100 customers attended this event, including DAL Fleet team, a number of organisations, government departments, NGOs and United Nations bodies

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Fleet Approach

One of Autostar’s greatest attributes is to customize certain services and products. One such example is the Fleet service we provide to some of our elite companies. Due to their presence at remote locations, we provide mobile and specially designed fleet services to meet their needs and requirements.

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Battery Clinic

One more effective initiative is to run battery health check clinics on location. Our staff would go to major and popular areas where we do battery inspections and engage with drivers, and provide them with battery monitoring tips. This is yet another step to be closer to our clients and to build a culture of open communications, retain our existing customers, and bring back others to our shops, facilities, and outlets, and to ensure they remain loyal to our products.

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