Battery Clinics Event

Battery Clinics event:
Autostar battery team conducts Battery clinics every week in different locations around Khartoum, Bahri, and Omdurman. These clinics are conducted for 2 hours during peak times in the morning. Sometimes, as per customer requests, we provide clinics on site for key customers.

The objective of these clinics are to educate the end user on how to check his/her battery for external damage, loose terminal connections, acid spills, and maintenance of the battery to prolong usage and battery life. During this time we promote and raise awareness about our Aftermarket outlets, products and services available.
During these clinics we conduct free battery checks, and provide them with a report on the condition of their batteries, and should replacement be necessary, we provide them with a special discount on the price of the new battery. If they decided to buy the new battery, we install it free of charge.