Bridgestone Seminar 2016

Bridgestone Seminar 2016:
The Bridgestone seminar was conducted in 2016 at the DAL Group Excellence Center. More than 100 customers attended this event, including DAL Fleet team, a number of organisations, government departments, NGO’s, and United Nations entitites.
The seminar was organised by Bridgestone Technical team who conducted a number of informative technical presentations about tyres and the manufacturing process, with detailed pictures of Bridgestone plants in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. The team explained in detail the brand performance and its competitive edge over the competitors, various applications, the role of various road conditions, and the ply rating Load Index.
This was followed by Q & A session and lunch.
All customers were handed an Autostar goody bag.
We plan to hold Bridgestone Technical Seminars every 2 years in Khartoum.