Tyre safety is a top priority we focus on. Detailed inspections are one of the first features of the top quality service we provide. Inspecting tyres ensures customer safety, and help them plan and schedule tyre change intervals.

Tyre Clinic:
These services are conducted at various locations throughout Khartoum and upcountry, but primarily in fleet sites and workshops,

• Educate drivers of fleet operators,
• Demonstrate proper handling of tyres,
• Fixing tyres,
• Alignment and balancing – not only to prolong tyre life, but also to reduce fuel consumption,
• Demonstrate how to measure tyre depth and tyre pressure,
• Physical checks of wear and tear,
• Tyre shoulder damages due to bad driving,
• Tyre punctures and how they should be dealt with, and
• Understanding CPK (cost per kilometre) to demonstrate the life span of our range of tyres versus other brands.

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