The Aftermarket Department conducts clinics every week for batteries; either in specific areas, locations, or at customer/fleet sites, as per demand.
Clinics are organised to educate the end user of the product on how to take precautionary and preventive action, thereby not only aiming to prolong the product life, but also mindful of the vehicle and any ancillary equipment.

• Battery clinics concentrate on batteries and handling of batteries.
• Periodic visual checking of batteries before driving a vehicle in the morning.
• Right connections; the 2 terminals (both positive and negative) of the battery should be fitted correctly and tightly to the vehicle to draw the required power from the battery.
• Loose terminal connections result in discharge of batteries and eventually failure.
• The battery should be clamped down tightly to avoid vibration, which reduces the life of the battery.
• Dry charge batteries should be checked for water levels and if water level is low, the vents should be opened and refilled with distilled water.
• Never open or touch a battery when a vehicle is running.
• Health check of the battery.
• Check the V-belts and alternator to avoid any faults in the electrical circuit of the vehicle.
• Recommendations/suggestions if required to change a battery.
• Explaining Battery warranties.

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