ABM was incorporated in Malaysia on 16 September 2003, as a subsidiary of ABM Fujiya, which was established in 1971, to primarily manufacture complete units of automotive batteries in various sizes, ranging from 7-plate batteries to 33-plate batteries, which provide a wide range of Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, and European made vehicles, ranging from small passenger cars, to buses and trucks.
We have many designs for our products in terms of battery terminals, battery layouts, hold down arrangements, and features. Through all these designs, they are suitable to be used in many specifications of motor vehicles in today’s markets. And we have the expertise to manufacture our products in various sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of our customers.

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ABM55559 / 55 AH
ABMNS40Z / 35 AH
ABMN70L / 70 AH
ABMN100 / 100 AH
ABMN120 / 120 AH
ABMN150 / 150 AH
ABMN170 / 170 AH
ABMN200 / 200 AH
ABMN70 / 70 AH
ABMDIN 75L / 75 AH
ABMDIN 100L / 100 AH
ABM95D31L / 95 AH