MaxLife Battery

MaxLife Premium is a MF battery from Exide Industries in India. India’s largest battery manufacturer with 72% market share. It is also World’s 4th largest battery manufacturer.
The annual sales volume is 34 million units for both Automotive and Motorcycle batteries. Sells one battery per second.

Chloride Electrical Storage Company (CESCO) set up trading operations in India in 1916 as an import House. First factory in 1946 at Shamnagar, West Bengal. There are 7 established factories all over India.
Distributors present in 40 countries, subsidiaries in 3 countries and Technical partners in 5 countries.

Maxlife Moto is “Better lose money than the trust of the customer”, with their two main pillars “Promise of faith and trust” and “Promise of Life and Reliability”.

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ML105D31L / 90 AH
ML105D31R / 90 AH
ML55559 / 55 AH DIN
ML55D23L / 60 AH
ML80D26L / 70 AH
ML80D26R / 70 AH
MLN100 / 100 AH
MLN120 / 120 AH
MLNS60LS / 45 AH
MLS40ZL / 35 AH
MLN150 / 150 AH