Yigit Aku Corporation was established in Ankara in 1976, and are one of the leading investors in our rapidly growing country. Today, Yigit Aku Corporation has an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 batteries. They have adopted the most advanced technology in its factories.
Covering an area of 40,000 m2, Yigit Aku Corporation exports batteries to over 90 countries in 5 continents,  including the European, African, Asian, American, and Middle Eastern countries.
Yigit Aku Corporation provides service through a diverse portfolio of brands, which are globally known, such as Platin. They distribute through 90 main dealers, as well as 6,000 subdealers. Yigit Aku Corporation supplies batteries to the most prestigious automotive companies, as well as to other industries.

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PLNS60 LS MF / 45 AH
PL55559 MF / 55 AH DIN
PL55D23L MF / 60 AH
PL80D 26L MF / 70 AH
PL80D 26R MF / 70 AH
PL105D31L MF / 90 AH
PL105D31R MF / 90 AH
PL95E41R MF / 120 AH
PL115F41R MF / 120 AH
PL145G 51R MF / 150 AH
PL67018 MF / 170 AH